Speaker Bio

Dr. Joe Hoagland

Dr. Joe Hoagland is vice president of Innovation and Research for the Tennessee Valley Authority, a corporate agency of the United States government and the largest public power provider in the country. With 30 years of experience shaping the direction of the power sector, Dr. Hoagland is an industry thought leader with extensive experience in strategy, research and development, implementation and the evolving energy marketplace.

He currently leads and guides a team of technology professionals who conduct transformational research and manage innovation projects for TVA’s Power System of the Future – an effort that helps diverse power systems to meet shifting consumer and business power demands without compromising reliability, resiliency or customer experience. At the same time, Dr. Hoagland and his team are exploring cost-effective carbon reductions with new forms of generation and the electrification of the broader economy that includes advances in electric transportation, solar power/battery storage and advanced nuclear generation technologies.

Dr. Hoagland has extensive experience with strategic utility planning and stakeholder engagement, leading from inception to publication TVA’s three recent Integrated Resources Plans – a comprehensive study that provides direction on how TVA can best meet future electricity demand over the next 20 years. Previous leadership roles includes development of environmental policies, research and development strategies, retail regulation and utility policies, directing energy efficiency and demand repsponse programs and building effective stakeholder and customer relations.

Dr. Hoagland is a Fellow for Energy Policy at the University of Tennessee’s Howard H. Baker, Jr. Center for Public Policy; Chair for the state of Tennessee’s Energy Policy Council; and a member of the board of directors of the Smart Electric Power Association. He recently was Chair of the Electric Power Research Institute‘s Executive Resource Advisory Committee.

Dr. Hoagland also has served on boards and committees for various industry and related organizations that include the Edison Electric Institute, Electricity Storage Association and the Department of Energy.